Dialogo de Saberes en las Ciencias Humanas

Translated title of the contribution: Dialogue Of Knowledge In The Human Sciences

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The epistemological dependence existing in the knowledge that integrates the academic, scientific and socio-cultural current task towards the diverse ways of knowing of the West, have given as a result an epistemic fragmentation and discrimination between the experimental scientific knowledge, the human sciences and the ancestral and cultural knowledge. The present article "dialogue of knowledge in the human sciences", has as objective to investigate about the imaginaries about the different types of knowledge that integrate the academic, scientific and sociocultural task with the purpose of diagnosing the current states of science for its revaluation. In order to fulfill this purpose, the problem of the fragmentation of knowledge in contemporary academic and scientific work is addressed through a bibliographic and hermeneutic study of texts by philosophers on the subject, as well as the analysis of the data obtained from the survey elaborated especially for this work. The problem addressed is related to the current academic tendency to consider as scientific knowledge only that which can be proven experimentally; thus evidencing a clear fragmentation and epistemic discrimination between experimental scientific knowledge, human sciences and ancestral cultural knowledge.
Translated title of the contributionDialogue Of Knowledge In The Human Sciences
Original languageSpanish (Ecuador)
Pages (from-to)62-99
JournalArtyhum Revista Digital De Artes Y Humanidades
Issue number64
StatePublished - 1 Sep 2019


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