Use of Artificial Vision Algorithms as a Support System to Determine the Progression of Skin Repigmentation in Vitiligo Patients

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General objective • Develop a prototype support system based on artificial vision algorithms to determine the progression of skin repigmentation in patients with vitiligo. Justification There are currently several investigations that use digital image processing techniques to determine the area that has pigmentation in the skin, with great precision, thus providing a tool that allows determining the progression of the pathology with great accuracy and objectively. In Ecuador, no research has been carried out with this approach, even as this is a chronic disease that does not significantly affect the patient's health, it has not been given the importance it should. Particularly in the city of Cuenca, the evaluation of the progress of this disease is carried out as mentioned above, comparing photographs taken in different periods; at the start of treatment and at least 3 months after starting treatment. It should be noted that due to the slow progression of the disease, it is difficult to observe the degree of improvement of the lesion. Therefore, it is important to provide tools that allow evaluating the progress of the injury during and after treatment in a more exact, objective way and at the same time that allows monitoring the progression of injuries in shorter periods of time.
Effective start/end date17/06/1517/06/17


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