Pueblos Indígenas y Educación Superior en América Latina

Translated title of the contribution: Indigenous Peoples and Higher Education in Latin America

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Indigenous peoples and higher education in Latin America: state of the art AbstractThe text presents the results of the study of the bibliographic production existing in journals of Scopus and Web of Science databases, between 2007 and 2017, about the problematic of indigenous people and higher education. The analysis was carried out using different categories such as access, permanence, pertinence and impact. The goal of the article is to answer the initial concerns and questions of the investigation about the context, advances, problems and challenges of indigenous higher education at the regional level, and the research problems derived for further researchs.
Translated title of the contributionIndigenous Peoples and Higher Education in Latin America
Original languageSpanish (Ecuador)
Pages (from-to)37-58
Number of pages22
JournalRevista De Ciências Da Educação
Issue number20
StatePublished - 21 Jan 2019


  • Higher education
  • Indigenous peoples
  • Latin America

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  • 111A Education


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