Subjetividades Feministas Perfomatividad y Espacio el Caso de la Marcha de las Putas en Quito

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General objective Understanding the mutual constitution of spaces and feminist subjectivities through the performativity of bodies in the case of feminist groups in the city of Quito. Justification The study aims to contribute to the decolonization of feminism by critically investigating the circulation and appropriation of feminist discourses and practices, and at the same time contribute with a contribution at the methodological level in the construction of methodologies that take the body as the central axis to study the subjectivity. For the study of Ecuadorian feminisms, it represents an analysis of the performative dimension that has been avoided to understand feminisms, although it has been analyzed in the case of LGBTI movements (Fierro Echeverría, s/f; Vidal-Ortiz, Viteri, & Serrano Amaya, 2014). In addition, studies on feminist movements usually refer to a specific group or organization and except for a few (Carrión, 2013; Zambrano Arrieta, 2016) they have not reported the conflictive relationship between them. In summary, the research seeks to link the practices feminists with theories and understand the emergence of feminist subjectivities as an effect of performative practices at the macro (transnational), meso (local) and micro (corporeal) levels from the contributions of feminist and queer geography (Duncan, 1996; Kirby, 1996 ; Massey, 1994; Varea & Zaragocin, 2017) that open a space to theorize about the body-space-subjectivity relationship.
Effective start/end date22/01/1822/01/19


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