Saberes Pedagógicos Convergentes desde la Interculturalidad Epistémica como Vía para la Construcción de una Filosofía Innovadora e Inclusiva Fase I

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General objective To base the convergent pedagogical knowledge from epistemic interculturality, as a way to build an innovative and inclusive philosophy Justification The importance of this project lies in the need to break with the conventional scientific paradigms that have overvalued a single field of science and undervalued the diversity of knowledge. This project is socially pertinent because it responds to a real problem in which the subject is a mere non-critical consumer of science, without considering the holistic nature that guides it. Problem that has promoted the fragmentation of knowledge, epistemic discrimination and the invisibility of knowledge and contributions to science that emerged in emerging contexts. This project is of interest to the line of research in philosophy of education since there can be no knowledge or education without an epistemic reflection of the foundations that make up contemporary scientific work.
Effective start/end date22/01/1822/01/18


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