In-field recording of six biaxial angles and plantar pressures in weightlifting through a wearable system

Miguel Fernando Cardenas-Rodriguez, Cristhian Geovanny Paute-Tigre, Freddy Leonardo Bueno-Palomeque

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Monitoring and evaluation of the techniques used in weightlifting are based on the subjective observation of the coach, which can ignore important aspects of short duration. This study aimed to implement an embedded system to register the angular variation of the hip, knee, and ankle joints, and plantar pressure during training. Methods: Four professional and four amateur athletes performed five snatch lifts. To evaluate the angular measurement, the tests were simultaneously videotaped and the results were contrasted. Results: The angular data presented a correlation coefficient of 0.92 and a delay of 495 ± 200 ms. The characterization of the sensors was implemented in a microcontroller with a mean absolute percentage error of 18.8% in the measurements. When comparing the average results between the elite and amateur groups, the amateur group performed a delayed descent in the first three phases of the lift and an accelerated descent in the fourth phase. A not uniform plantar pressure was registered in the same group, causing a reduction in the final speed of recovery with the barbell. Conclusions: The proposed system has been developed for biaxial angular registration of hip, knee, ankle, and plantar pressure during weightlifting snatch. The option to contrast between signals presented by the system met the requirements requested by the coaching staff and is seen as a promising quantitative analysis tool to support the coach and the athlete.

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PublicaciónJournal of Medical Signals and Sensors
EstadoPublicada - 1 oct. 2023

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