La Relación Docente-alumno como Variable Mediadora del Aprendizaje

Translated title of the contribution: The Teacher-Student Relationship as a Mediating Variable of Learning

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The article raises the importance of the teacher-student relationship as a mediating variable of the teaching-learning process in the field of higher education. It aims to review the main theoretical contributions raised from the academic literature, in relation to the subject, which highlight its importance in learning. As well as the role that teaching beliefs, motivation, affective dimension, meaningful learning and communicative approach play. It coversrelated topics, such as the ability to motivate students, the establishment of positive relationships, the promotion of high expectations in relation to study, the generation of authenticity, respect, empathy and the need to generate open communication, and Constant feedback. Finally, it proposes at the conclusion level that the ability to generate this relational environment prior to the transmission of knowledge, will put teachers in better conditions to achieve learning outcomes.
Translated title of the contributionThe Teacher-Student Relationship as a Mediating Variable of Learning
Original languageSpanish (Ecuador)
Pages (from-to)189-201
Number of pages13
JournalRevista San Gregorio
Issue number2019
StatePublished - 30 Dec 2019


  • Affective dimension
  • Learning
  • Motivation and teacher-student relationship
  • Relational environment

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  • 111A Education


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