La cartografía social como estrategia didáctica: reconociendo recorridos e imaginarios

Translated title of the contribution: Social cartography as a didactic strategy: recognizing routes and imaginaries

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As part of the Social Sciences Didactics course of the Bachelor’s degree in Intercultural Bilingual Education at the Salesian Polytechnic University, Quito-Ecuador, the need to provide didactic resources that allow students to recognize their territories is presented, as well how of didactic and methodological strategies for the teaching of geography and that they are used as a contribution to the preservation of the collective memory of their communities. In this way, the Research Group on Education and Interculturality of the same university is proposed to carry out the research project “Social cartography as a didactic strategy, recognizing routes and imaginations with the Bachelor’s degree students in Intercultural Bilingual Education of the Salesian Polytechnic University”, this research had as its starting point the prior recognition of the geographical context in which the students find themselves and the implementation of social cartography as a didactic strategy for teaching geography. Methodologically, Participatory Action Research (IAP) has been used, and the application of social cartography as a pedagogical and didactic strategy for teaching social sciences and as motivation for the development of strategies that allow future teachers to approach their students, understanding their contexts and realities, starting from the recognition and representation of the space in which they live; and also be an opportunity to exchange knowledge between students and teachers.

Translated title of the contributionSocial cartography as a didactic strategy: recognizing routes and imaginaries
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JournalEstudios Pedagogicos
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StatePublished - 2020

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