Computational analysis of structure manufactured by means of the steel framing system. Case study: Industrial warehouse

J. I. Fajardo, C. A. Paltán, E. G. Palacios

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A study is carried out between the traditional system of industrial warehouse construction, which is characterized using hot-rolled steel profiles, in comparison with the Steel Framing system, which uses low-thickness cold-formed steel profiles. Although the low-thickness profiles used in Steel Framing may generate mistrust, these profiles work by shape and not by mass. Steel Framing being a modern system, in our region it is not easy to find industrial warehouse constructed with low-thickness cold-formed steel profiles for the main and secondary elements, so this study not only focuses on the constructive aspects, but also contributes to understand the physical response of the Steel Framing system to different loads. Between the two mentioned systems, the seismic-resistant design of the industrial structure is also included to first check if it is possible to use the Steel Framing system in medium industrial warehouse, located in highly seismic areas, such as the coastal region of Ecuador. It has been proven that the Steel Framing system is resistant to high winds, earthquakes and other loads that are established in national and international regulations, and we proved that taking advantage of the effective properties of cold-formed profiles increases their resistance The results of drifts demonstrate the seismic resistance of the system, with the value of 0.00107 being the maximum value of inelastic drift obtained in the X direction, which represents only 5.37% of the value allowed in the standard.

Original languageEnglish
Article number012006
JournalJournal of Physics: Conference Series
Issue number1
StatePublished - 2023
Event5th Workshop on Modeling and Simulation for Science and Engineering, WMSSE 2022 - Bogota, Colombia
Duration: 25 Jul 202226 Jul 2022

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