Participación Política Online y Offline Relaciones y Variables Psicosociales Fase 1

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General objective To analyze the relationships between online participation and offline participation in the population of the DMQ during the year 2018. Justification In Ecuador, there are few studies that analyze the relationship between online and offline participation. The participation or consumption of information in social networks and through the Internet has been studied above all from Communication (Barreda Ibáñez, Oller Alonso, & Hernández Gonzáles, 2015; Ibáñez, 2015). Therefore, looking at psychosocial variables {such as political efficacy, confidence, interest in politics, emotions, contextual variables) is a contribution to the debate in both the field of political science and psychology. Faced with a growing use of the internet in everyday life, the project aims to investigate the relationships between online participation and offline participation, based on the mediations found during the year 2017, to delve into the implications of the findings. In this sense, the project proposes among its objectives the socialization of the results at a local, national and regional level • as well as the analysis of the emotional and contextual variables.
Effective start/end date22/01/1822/01/18


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