Management Study of SMEs of Pichincha Northwest Sector Dedicated to Agrotechnologies Focused on the Foreign Market 20102013

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General objective Analyze the management based on the productive matrix carried out by the agro-technological SMEs of Pichincha, the degree of participation in the international market of the last three years, to strengthen exports Justification It is critical to internationalize the commercial activity of an SME, the Economist Paul R. Krugman states that there is a great desire for internationalism, but that distortions that contradict the international commercial task for any company must be taken into account or avoided, according to his book Internationalism Pop, points out: "despite the fact that world trade is greater than ever, national living standards are overwhelmingly determined by domestic factors and not by competition from world markets." This formulation justifies carrying out a detailed study of the administrative management of SMEs.
Effective start/end date2/10/132/10/14


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