La Escuela como Contexto Educativo Salesiano que Capacita al Ser Humano

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General objective Model the pedagogical and methodological system based on the "human being" as the center of learning carried out in the Salesian Educational Community S.J.B. From Guayaquil. Justification The problem and the biggest challenge today is to implement a learning context that is capable of expressing theories in action, especially when learning is not a purely solitary activity, but rather a distributed action in the context, where the individual construction of the knowledge is carried out, through processes of interaction, negotiation and cooperation with others. (DeCorte 2010; Varisco, 2004; Ajello, 2002; Vygotskij, 1974) From this point of view, it is about reconsidering the end of development that is the human being. Therefore, it makes people capable of living a full and creative existence, expressing their own potential, organizing a meaningful life that lives up to adequate human dignity (Nussbaum, 2012) It is about creating a model from what It is designed and built in the schools of the San Juan Bosco community in Guayaquil, in order to create connections with innovative learning theories based on the principles of Salesian education, focused on the characteristics of the "context" that enhances capabilities such as the example of typography used in the Don Bosco Oratory and show how the given approach can justify a model of learning based on the human being, and the updating of Salesian education in Boschian pedagogy.
Effective start/end date25/01/1825/01/20


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