Investigación Misiones Pueblos Indígenas y la Conformación de la Amazonía Ecuatoriana Roles Tensiones y Debates Actuales Simposio Misiones Pueblos Indígenas y la Conformación de la Región Amazónica Historia Universidad del Azuay Octubre del 2018

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General objective The objective of this exploratory phase of the research is to reread the interpretations of the mission photographs to offer a broader panorama of the AHMS and its uses, from individual and collective actors, without relegating its colonial and colonizing weight. This information will throw a new look at the Archive and projects us towards new lines of action around the missionary photographs by the communities and those who guard them. Justification It is essential to have an academic approach to the Photographic Archive because in this way we will obtain information from Visual Anthropology to analyze the uses of photographs from the religious missions themselves. By clarifying this information from an ethnographic and scientific-technical perspective, we will be able to analyze and compare the uses that the records have had from the communities. As this information has been inaccessible to them in most cases, it is necessary to generate, as part of the investigation, a series of guidelines and recommendations to bring the photographic record closer to the communities and motivate return processes with social relevance. To achieve this, this exploratory research is necessary. It is of institutional interest to work on the Photographic Archive, historical material of great national value that needs a link with the Shuar and Achuar communities. The research is of community interest since the work around the photographic record can contribute to the educational processes of the Shuar community of Bomboiza. In addition, the return of the photographs will have a positive impact on the processes of reconstruction of historical and cultural memory, as well as on the political processes of the Shuar community. Community spaces are threatened by the mining industries of the Cordillera del Cóndor. Faced with this, it is necessary to take photography as a means of denunciation and a memory tool for the Shuar people.
Effective start/end date2/01/182/01/20


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