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General objective The MOTIVA, REUNE-ASCUN, RLIE of CLADEA and FAEDPYME networks have promoted the creation of the Ibero-American Observatory of MSMEs. Its main purpose is to provide continuous information on the strategies and expectations of companies to facilitate and support decision-making, mainly in the economic and strategic spheres. The Observatory promotes the study: "The economic impact of the covid-19 pandemic on MSMEs in Ibero-America". For this, from the SALESIAN POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY OF ECUADOR (as a participatory entity), it is proposed to carry out a survey, whose results will be socialized with the various participating sectors through a digital document with the main conclusions obtained in the study, if requested. This information will be a valuable tool for planning the strategies to follow, both for the management of your company and for the establishment of public policies to conveniently direct its action programs. In the case of UPS, it will be the support of a future Observatory and It will also serve for the presentation of scientific articles on the subject. Among the specific objectives are: To promote research on MSMEs in their most relevant aspects, ensuring continuity in the lines considered strategic. To serve as a channel for connection, participation and dialogue in the problem of MSMEs with the economic and social agents of the region. Prepare reports and submit proposals for action addressed to companies and public or private organizations in the field of MSMEs. Create a documentation center to provide economic and social agents and researchers with statistical information on MSMEs in the field of and Latin America. Use of databases
Effective start/end date4/03/214/03/22


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