Evaluación y Estandarización Fitoquímica de Extractos de Plantas Medicinales Utilizadas en la Parroquia San José de Ayoracayambe Fase I

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General objective Evaluate and standardize the extracts of medicinal plants used in the parish of San José de Ayora- Cayambe Justification SEMPLADES (2013), concludes in his report that the rural areas of the country present the highest levels of poverty, to the point where their economies have been transformed into survival activities that do not guarantee family food sovereignty, nor the means to attend to their most basic needs (health, education, housing). In addition to the lack of land and water for small-scale peasant production, there is a deterioration in soil quality due to intensive use due to the application of chemical substances that leave negative consequences, often due to farmers' lack of knowledge or market pressures. This, added to the lack of access to credit, training and technical assistance, has generated impoverishment processes in rural areas and a loss of agrobiodiversity. The same author mentions that the alternative forms of production that are gaining strength, related to agroecological production, can solve the difficulties that the canton currently faces to consolidate its food sovereignty and strengthen processes of recovery of practices and knowledge related to food production. According to the report by Kayakama Consultores (2015), the members of the Ayora parish recognize the low technical capacity of producers and the loss of good ancestral production practices as a weakness, but the community itself recognizes the use of plants as an opportunity. medicinal products in favor of the health and well-being of their daily lives. The purpose of this research is to initially collect information on the main medicinal plants that the inhabitants of the parish cultivate and the use they give to them, in order to generate a brochure that describes the importance and use given to these plants. . Based on the knowledge generated, improve production systems through agroecological farming techniques, in order to have the necessary plant material for industrialization and give added value to this ancestral knowledge.
Effective start/end date8/03/198/03/19


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