Evaluación Química y de Actividad Biológica de Plantas Medicinales Procedentes de los Parques de la Ciudad de Quito y la Estación Biológica Kutukú Parte 1

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General objective Study of the secondary metabolites and biological activity of three species from Quito parks and the Kutukú Biological Station. Justification The use of natural products for health treatment has been continuously growing for several years, currently the trade of raw materials and finished products based on medicinal plants is around 13 billion dollars, by the year 2025 it would be expected reaches 25,000 million dollars, at a consumption growth rate of 7%, evidencing the importance of these and their derivative compounds. In Ecuador, having one of the highest biodiversities in the entire planet, research in this area is more than justified, considering that in our jungles and high Andean forests we still have several species with little or no information in the scientific literature and that have been used by our ancestral peoples for millennia. The three species selected in this first part, from the point of view of traditional use, have interesting applications such as the inducer of uterine contractions Clinopodium tomentosum, treatment of respiratory conditions Dalea courulea, and antioxidant and antibacterial Tagetes multiflora. (Noriega & Taxo 2018) The research is based on the metabolomic investigation of secondary metabolites related to the activity described in traditional use such as sterols in the case of Clinopodium tomentosum, anthocyanins for Dalea courulea and essential oils for Tagetes multiflora. Complementing the research with evaluations of biological activity such as anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activity in Dalea courulea and antioxidant and antimicrobial activity in the essential oil of Tagetes multiflora.
Effective start/end date8/03/198/03/19


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