Evaluación del Desempeño a la Fractura de Fibras Cerámicas Continuas Empleadas como Reforzante Ligero del Concreto en la Industria de la Construcción Fase I Caracterización de Tenacidad a la Fractura Modo I

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General objective Evaluate the fracture performance in mode I of light ceramic fibers used as reinforcement of homologated sections of reinforced concrete. Justification Within the framework of structural design, the only regulation that is presented for the design of reinforced concrete stiffened with ceramic fibers is proposed by the ACI commission 440. This American regulation contemplates environmental load conditions that obviously differ from the Ecuadorian reality. In addition, the ceramic fibers are of an imported nature, if the adequate cold chain for the elements did not exist, the mechanical properties contemplated in the design stage are degraded. Therefore, the research project intends to appropriate the process of characterization of properties fracture as well as the prototype-scale manufacturing stage. Undoubtedly, the knowledge generated favors local professionals and companies that are linked to this industrial field, and through these actors, homeowners who suffer some type of error in the housing project process. It is also important to mention that The equipment and machines necessary for the manufacture and mechanical characterization of the samples are available at the UPS headquarters in Cuenca, in fact, the results obtained can be directly comparable with the laboratories located with European universities in agreement with the director of the research project. With which you can compare the results obtained during the experimental stage.
Effective start/end date29/04/2129/04/23


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