Desarrollo de Prototipo de Lámpara para Fototerapia

Project Details


General objective Design and construction of a phototherapy lamp based on LED technology to be presented for the consideration of the jury of the IngeniaTEC Contest. The technical specifications that the finished prototype must meet are as follows: • Emitting source: 5 leds of 5W each • Adjustable power: 50% to 100% Remark • Voltage: 120Vac • Frequency: 60Hz • Programmable times: 24 hours. 48 hours, 72 hours or continuous • Average lamp life: 15,000 hours. • Maximum wavelength: 400 nm to 500 nm • Power: 25W • Display of therapy time by 16x2 matrix LCD. • Audible warning of termination of therapy
Effective start/end date14/01/1614/01/16


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