Clases Magistrales en la Ups Integrando las Ciencias Idioma e Investigación

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General objective Adapt teaching strategies used in the best universities in the world in the environment, reality and charisma of UPS. Justification UPS has inalienable responsibilities with society: professionalization, research, solution of social and environmental problems. So that these tasks do not become unattainable in an environment where they work for the accreditation of careers, and even carry out their fourth level studies. It is proposed: 1. Master Talks in Basic Sciences (Physics), the courses and methodologies will be unified to work in classrooms with capacity for 100 students. With the right labs. 2. Implement a scheduled evaluation process among teachers at the basic levels. With the aim of reducing repetition rates.3. Incorporation of the English language in higher courses and methodologies so that familiarization occurs with the best results.4. Generation of an electronic portal where the research work carried out is made visible, in addition to being a platform for teachers, students, the public and private sectors, to propose research and/or linkage topics.
Effective start/end date2/04/182/04/19


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