Characterization of the Impacts Caused by Anthropic Activities on the Physical, Chemical, and Biological Quality of Páramo Soils in the Monjas Bajo Community, Juan Montalvo Parish, Cayambe Canton

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General objective Characterize the paramo soil affected by human activities in the Monjas Bajo community around the quality of this soil through the determination and analysis of physical, chemical and biological indicators. Justification The present work intends to be a theoretical and methodological contribution because it will serve as support for research and implementation of projects aimed at the preservation of the loss of paramo ecosystems, recovery of paramo soils and soil quality indicators of the community, of the parish and throughout the canton. In addition, the growth in knowledge and data on this ecosystem will be a tool, aimed at the sustainable use of these soils by the residents of the Monjas Bajo community, who are very aware of environmental problems. In this way, innovative mechanisms can be implemented that allow the preservation of ecosystems by the inhabitants, who in turn would be the main actors in the execution of projects for the protection and conservation of the moors.
Effective start/end date1/10/131/10/14


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