Analysis of the Discourse that Multilevel Marketing Uses to Consolidate its Sales Teams and its Effects on the Social Reality that they Construct

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General objective Analyze the characteristics of the discourse and the elements of symbolic order used in their speeches by multilevel companies that operate in the city of Quito to attract new sellers. Justification Discourse analysis becomes relevant to the extent that it demonstrates the influence and manipulation exerted by motivation in business discourse on the lives of those who are linked as sellers in multilevel networks, considering that in Ecuador, this type of enrollment has had a exponential growth in recent years, especially of women from lower social classes and with minimal levels of education. Thus, by analyzing the discourse and its utilitarian purposes through the interpretation of emotional and successist meanings, and stereotyped ones, it is possible to contribute to a more critical society that learns to reveal the true intentions.
Effective start/end date26/09/1326/09/14


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