Optimal model of a hybrid electrical system photovoltaic panel /wind turbine/battery bank, considering the feasibility of implementation in isolated areas

Jackson Peñaranda Medina, Juan Lata-García

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Currently thousands of people around the world lack access to electricity in remote areas, the demand for energy in these areas can be effectively supplied by renewable sources, hybrid photovoltaic-wind systems attract attention due to the reduction of implementation costs in In recent years and a high reliability in the supply, the optimal model of the system is considered an influencing variable in the optimal size of the system as it is defined according to the conditions of the problem or study area. The article presents a series of simulations to find the feasibility of the implementation of the isolated system, the economic technical parameters are analyzed to obtain the lowest cost of energy to be considered competitive, the levelized cost of energy is directly related to the cost optimum of each one of the sources, which leads to a considerable increase in the introduction of this type of hybrid systems and the disenchantment of using generators based on fossil fuels.

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PublicaciónJournal of Energy Storage
EstadoPublicada - abr. 2021

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