Optimal Insertion of Energy Storage Systems Considering the Economic Dispatch and the Minimization of Energy Not Supplied

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This study presents an optimal insertion model for battery storage systems in the nodes of an electrical transmission network. The proposed model is developed through mixed integer linear programming applied to the calculation of DC power flows, considering restrictions given by the characteristics of the network and by the parameters of the generation units. The proposal’s main objective is to reduce the costs of operation and non-supplied energy produced, due to needing to meet the demand fully or partially. As a case study to evaluate the proposed methodology, the IEEE 24-bar test system is used. In this base case, electrical generators that depend on different primary energy resources are modeled: hydraulic, thermal, photovoltaic, and wind, in addition to potential electrical energy storage systems. These storage systems are assigned as possible analysis scenarios through the proposed optimization technique. The study is carried out in a time horizon of 24 h per day, according to a standard demand curve. With the incorporation of optimally selected storage systems in their capacity and location, it is possible to minimize dependence on the use of fossil fuels. In addition, considerable savings are obtained by reducing generation costs, and the stability of the energy supply is guaranteed. This novel proposal presents a methodology that covers all the variables of this problem, thus guaranteeing an authentic and precise study in terms of optimization. The results obtained highlight and demonstrate the benefits of stability, continuous attention to demand, reduction in dependence on exhaustible and polluting sources, and cost reduction.

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