Design of an Electronic Prototype for Monitoring Soil Nutritions in Crops of Cocoa

Renato Rivera, Santiago Quinde, Monica Huerta, Esteban Ordonez, Juan Inga, Jorge Osmani Ordonez-Ordonez, Jose Ignacio Castillo-Velazquez

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In recent years, cocoa production has witnessed significant growth, leading to an increased demand for cocoa as a consumer product. Cocoa crop yields depend on various factors, including solar exposure, the interaction between different cocoa varieties, climatic conditions, and the diversity of soils in which cocoa is cultivated. These conditions directly impact the availability of nutrients in the soil, which, in turn, influences crop yield. The primary challenge stems from the lack of automated systems in agriculture and the absence of an effective real-time monitoring system for assessing soil nutrient levels. To address this issue, a system was developed, consisting of an NPK sensor connected via an RS485 interface to a microcontroller. The data collected were processed within the microcontroller and transmitted via a WiFi connection using the Pycom FiPy 1.0 module. Data visualization was achieved through an OLED display, with access provided via the Pybytes Internet platform. Additionally, an SD memory card was implemented to store the data. The tests were conducted on a plantation that has four different types of soil: clayey, sandy, fully sandy, and muddy. The results conducted with the prototype enabled precise measurement of soil nutrients and efficient data transmission via WiFi. Real-time visualization of nutrient levels on the Pybytes platform equips farmers with a valuable tool for making informed nutrient management decisions and optimizing the quality of cocoa production. This project illustrates how a monitoring approach can enhance soil nutrition management in cocoa cultivation.

Idioma originalInglés
Título de la publicación alojada1st IEEE Colombian Caribbean Conference, C3 2023
EditoresPaul Sanmartin Mendoza, Andres Navarro
EditorialInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
ISBN (versión digital)9798350341799
EstadoPublicada - 2023
Evento1st IEEE Colombian Caribbean Conference, C3 2023 - Barranquilla, Colombia
Duración: 22 nov. 202325 nov. 2023

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Nombre1st IEEE Colombian Caribbean Conference, C3 2023


Conferencia1st IEEE Colombian Caribbean Conference, C3 2023

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