¡Todo el Poder a Velasco! la Insurrección del 28 de Mayo de 1944

Translated title of the contribution: All Power to Velasco! the insurrection of May 28, 1944

Leonardo Gabriel Ogaz Arce

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The insurrection of May 28, 1944 is a unique event in the contemporary history of Ecuador and Latin America. With the help of young and patriotic soldiers, the entire people rose up against the despotism of the plutocracy, which, in addition, had had a cowardly and surrendering attitude in the face of the Peruvian invasion that determined the "national cut" with the complicity of all the governments of the region. The fact that shortly after, the revolutionary impetus was shipwrecked in the midst of the palace backrooms and due to the short-sightedness - to say the least - of the leaders of the rebellion, does not diminish its transcendental significance in the national life, if only as an example of what the common man - for a long time meek and resigned - is capable of when, having reached his limit, he bursts out in defense of his honor and in search of his destiny. Ogaz's study is a book that every Ecuadorian should read to fully know and vindicate this feat of the Ecuadorian people.
Translated title of the contributionAll Power to Velasco! the insurrection of May 28, 1944
Original languageSpanish (Ecuador)
PublisherEditorial Universitaria Abya-Yala
Number of pages234
ISBN (Print)978-9978-10-213-8
StatePublished - 1 Mar 2015

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