Resilience Maximization in Electrical Power Systems through Switching of Power Transmission Lines

Jaime Pilatásig, Diego Carrión, Manuel Jaramillo

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This research aims to maximize the resilience of an electrical power system after an (Formula presented.) contingency, and this objective is achieved by switching the transmission lines connection using a heuristic that integrates optimal dc power flows (DCOPF), optimal transmission switching (OTS) and contingencies analysis. This paper’s methodology proposes to identify the order of re-entry of the elements that go out of the operation of an electrical power system after a contingency, for which DCOPF is used to determine the operating conditions accompanied by OTS that seeks to identify the maximum number of lines that can be disconnected seeking the most negligible impact on the contingency index J. The model allows each possible line-switching scenario to be analyzed and the one with the lowest value of J is chosen as the option to reconnect, this process is repeated until the entire power system is fully operational. As study cases, the IEEE 14, 30 and 39 bus bars were selected, in which the proposed methodology was applied and when the OTS was executed, the systems improved after the contingency; furthermore, when an adequate connection order of the disconnected lines is determined, the systems are significantly improved, therefore, the resilience of power systems is maximized, guaranteeing stable, reliable and safe behavior within operating parameters.

Original languageEnglish
Article number8138
Issue number21
StatePublished - Nov 2022

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Funding Information:
This work was supported by Universidad Politécnica Salesiana and GIREI-Smart Grid Research Group under the project Optimal operation of electrical power systems considering new technologies and energy sustainability criteria.

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  • contingency analysis
  • DC optimal power flow
  • electrical power system
  • electrical power system restoration
  • resilience
  • transmission optimal commutation


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