How Much was Written about Control Monitoring? Review of Sciencedirect Publications, Year 2014 - 2018

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Control monitoring is a very important tool that is used for setting up and evaluating the progress of accounting, administrative and financial nature. It contributes to the effectiveness and efficiency of business operations and to the achievement of goals. In addition, it reduces risks and prevents accounting principles and standards from being fulfilled. Given its importance we will analyze articles that deal with internal monitoring during the period of 2014-2018 from the ScienceDirect database, we worked with variables such as: titles, authors, journals, approaches, areas, methodologies, among others. Areas are defined as the place or space in which rules, laws, regulations, procedures, etc. are applied. The results showed that the most representative area, 59%, is of the specific application, which refers to the practical application of one type of company. It was also determined that the most used method tocollect information from articles were the primary sources such as: questionnaires, interviews, and surveys, 39%. It was clear that 33% were of the male gender. In conclusion, the highest percentage of research and applications, according to the ScienceDirect database, isdone in Mexico.
Translated title of the contribution¿Cuánto se escribió sobre monitoreo de control? Revisión de publicaciones de Sciencedirect, año 2014 - 2018
Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1-6
Number of pages6
JournalJournal of Science and Research (IJSR)
Issue number9
StatePublished - 9 Sep 2020


  • Bibliometric analysis
  • Internal monitoring
  • Sciencedirect
  • Scientific publishing

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