Fault-tolerance strategies for power converters

Jose A. Restrepo, Julio C. Viola, Ronald Harley

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The widespread use of power electronics-based converters has resulted in continuous improvement in the power switches’ reliability. The previous authors shows a failure rate of medium-power IGBT modules of 0.1 failures per 106 h, many critical applications need further assurance of operation. This chapter has shown a sample of the techniques used to increase the system operating range under adverse conditions. Some techniques are applied before the onset of a device’s fault, by allowing the device to move out of line for “recovery.” Other techniques modify the topology, either by disabling the faulty devices or by also including extra elements to replace the faulty ones. In most cases, this operation needs a corresponding change in the control strategy, as well as in the amount of power that the system can handle during this fault-tolerant operation.

Translated title of the contributionEstrategias de tolerancia a fallas para convertidores de potencia
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationFault Diagnosis for Robust Inverter Power Drives
PublisherInstitution of Engineering and Technology
Number of pages43
ISBN (Electronic)9781785614101
ISBN (Print)9781785614101
StatePublished - 1 Jan 2018

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  • Bipolar transistors
  • Fault tolerance
  • Fault-tolerance strategies
  • Faulty devices
  • Insulated gate bipolar transistors
  • Insulated gate field effect transistors
  • Medium-power IGBT modules failure rate
  • Power convertors
  • Power convertors and power supplies to apparatus
  • Power electronics
  • Power electronics, supply and supervisory circuits
  • Power electronics-based converters
  • Power switches reliability
  • Reliability

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