Design of Impedance Copuplers for Graphene Nanoantenna in the Thz Band

Manuel Omar Tipan Guayta, Daniel González, Johnny Chimborazo, Johanna Berenice Arguero Tello, German Vicente Arevalo Bermeo

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The wireless communications of future generations will require nanoantennas capable of working in the band of Terahertz, however, the miniaturization causes difficulties in conductivity, high propagation losses, and degradation in radiation efficiency. In addition, to obtain the maximum power transfer in a nanoscale wireless communication system, impedance couplers are required. Therefore, a graphene-based patch-typenanoantenna was modeled on two dielectric substrates, silicon, and silicon dioxide, in which a BIAS voltage between 0.83 and 29.9 V was applied. For the coupling of the patch with the power port, direct contact methods were used, such as a 50 Ω microstrip line, inserts in the patch, and the quarter-wave transformer. The best results obtained from the performance comparison were with the quarter wave transformer with a return loss of -33.54 dB, gain 5.6 dBi, directivity 6.05 dBi, VSWR of 1.15, a bandwidth of 350 GHz,efficiency of 92%, HPBW 99.2°, F/B 12.8 dB for a resonance frequency of 2.6 THz and in the case of 4.2 THz a return loss of -35.24 dB, gain 4.9 dBi, directivity 5.6 dBi, VSWR of 1.13, bandwidth 187 GHz with 90% efficiency, HPBW 106.5°, F/B 12.2 dB. So, the quarter wave transformer is optimal for matching impedances, achieving low propagation losses, and complying with the optimal operating parameters.
Translated title of the contributionDiseño de acopladores de impedancia para nanoantena de grafeno en la banda Thz
Original languageEnglish (US)
StatePublished - 23 Apr 2023
EventInternational edition of Nanoscience Summer School Yachay (NSSY2023) - EC, Imbabura, Ecuador
Duration: 23 Apr 202329 Apr 2023


ConferenceInternational edition of Nanoscience Summer School Yachay (NSSY2023)
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