Democracia Participativa y Participación Ciudadana

Translated title of the contribution: Participatory Democracy and Citizen Participation

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The debate about public management has intensified in recent years, not only in Latin America and the Caribbean, but throughout Latin America. The value of public policy and the role of the State, in addition to the importance of issues such as its inefficiency in responding to the needs of society and corruption, have opened the discussion about the relevance of advancing the model of the representative democracy to participatory democracy.
Translated title of the contributionParticipatory Democracy and Citizen Participation
Original languageSpanish (Ecuador)
Title of host publicationPolítica, Democracia y Participación Ciudadana. Aproximaciones Teóricas Desde la Comunicación
PublisherEditorial Abya-Yala
Number of pages12
ISBN (Print)978-9978-10-736-2
StatePublished - 19 Oct 2022


  • Communication
  • Politics
  • Democracy
  • Participation
  • Education

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