Automl for Feature Selection and Model Tuning Applied to Fault Severity Diagnosis in Spur Gearboxes

Mariela Cerrada Lozada, Leonardo Trujillo Reyes, Daniel E. Hernández, Horacio A. Correa Zevallos, Jean Carlo Macancela Poveda, Diego Roman Cabrera Mendieta, Rene Vinicio Sanchez Loja

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Gearboxes are widely used in industrial processes as mechanical power transmission systems. Then, gearbox failures can affect other parts of the system and produce economic loss. The early detection of the possible failure modes and their severity assessment in such devices is an important field of research. Data-driven approaches usually require an exhaustive development of pipelines including models’ parameter optimization and feature selection. This paper takes advantage of the recent Auto Machine Learning (AutoML) tools to propose proper feature and model selection for three failure modes under different severity levels: broken tooth, pitting and crack. The performance of 64 statistical condition indicators (SCI) extracted from vibration signals under the three failure modes were analyzed by two AutoML systems, namely the H2O Driverless AI platform and TPOT, both of which include feature engineering and feature selection mechanisms. In both cases, the systems converged to different types of decision tree methods, with ensembles of XGBoost models preferred by H2O while TPOT generated different types of stacked models. The models produced by both systems achieved very high, and practically equivalent, performances on all problems. Both AutoML systems converged to pipelines that focus on very similar subsets of features across all problems, indicating that several problems in this domain can be solved by a rather small set of 10 common features, with accuracy up to 90%. This latter result is important in the research of useful feature selection for gearbox fault diagnosis.
Translated title of the contributionAutoml para selección de funciones y ajuste de modelos aplicado al diagnóstico de gravedad de fallas en cajas de engranajes rectos
Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)2297-8747
Number of pages6451
JournalMathematical and Computational Applications
Issue number27
StatePublished - 21 Mar 2022


  • Automl
  • Fault severity assessment
  • Feature selection
  • Gearboxes
  • Xgboost classifiers

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  • 116A Computer Science


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