Ups Channel Tv Herramienta Educomunicativa para la Difusión Intercultural del Barrio Nigeria Hedibani

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General objective Disseminate the intercultural identity of the inhabitants of the Nigeria neighborhood through the UPS Channel TV in order to promote the cultural growth of the sector. Justification Educommunication as an interdisciplinary method is an important tool that proposes the development of innovative proposals for the intercultural diffusion of Barrio Nigeria located south of Guayaquil, achieving the creation of new communication products that allow transmitting ethnic diversity, integration and cultural growth in said sector. , since the mass media do not. The contemplation of the space recognized as belonging to social communication, that is, that of the mass media, becomes a priority, since, at present, the media appear as one of the primary supports of production, circulation and recognition, so that the self-referential images of the larger society, and the images of the so-called minorities, become social alterities, as Sergio Caggiano explains in his book “What does not enter the crucible” (p. 31). For this reason, UPS CHANNEL TV, as a university communication medium, seeks to become the common thread of new edu-communicative transformations, generating a change in the creative construction of new knowledge in the residents of the Nigeria neighborhood sector.
Effective start/end date20/06/1820/06/21


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