Tomografía Sísmica del Ecuador

  • Araujo Soria, Jose Sebastian (PI)
  • Valette, Bernard (CoI)
  • Valette, Bernard (CoI)

Project Details


General objective Seismic tomography with data from the National Seismic Network of Peru in the years 1998, 2010-2016. Justification The tomographic images allow us to know the geodynamic structure of Ecuador. The geodynamic variable is one of the essential parameters for calculating seismic hazard in Ecuador (Yepes et al., 2016). The seismic hazard, in turn, is the basis for establishing the seismic zoning that regulates the construction parameters in Ecuador (Ecuadorian Construction Standard "NEC"). The theoretical part of the problem, the establishment of a Hamiltonian theory of information, should be seen as the essential development needed in physics to deal formally with the problem of regularization of inverse problems, which for the time being is done in a heuristic way ( Valletta, 2011).
Effective start/end date23/01/1723/01/17


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