Road Education of Pedestrians and Drivers of the City of Cuenca Through Virtual Reality Systems

  • Leon Paredes, Gabriel Alejandro (PI)
  • Atariguano Loja, Jose Agustin (Student)
  • Calle Siavichay, Wilson Daniel (Student)
  • Llanos Quilli, Mayra Priscila (Student)
  • Lopez Arizaga, Adrian Bernardo (Student)
  • Marquez Lozado, Edwin Fernando (Student)
  • Murillo Valarezo, Jordan Fernando (Student)
  • Pintado Chacho, Evelyn Soledad (Student)
  • Pizarro Gordillo, Oscar Fernando (Student)
  • Zhirzhan Cabrera, Christian Daniel (Student)
  • Sacoto Cabrera, Erwin Jairo (Col)
  • Verdugo Romero, Walter Enrique (Col)


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Engineering & Materials Science