Producción de Biogás en un Reactor Anaerobio con Sistema de Calentamiento Basado en Energías Alternativas a Partir de Residuos Sólidos y Líquidos de la Agroindustria

  • Borja Vela, Ximena Del Rocio (PI)
  • Fabara Peralvo, Tamara Abigail (Student)
  • Manobanda Toapanta, Evelyn Lizeth (Student)
  • Nuñez Oñate, Bryan Steven (Student)
  • Valdez Bedoya, Juan Andrés (Student)

Project Details


General objective Design and build an anaerobic biodigester with a heating system based on solar energy to produce biogas from wastewater from the dairy industry mixed with biodegradable organic waste and bovine excreta.
Effective start/end date3/04/203/04/20


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