Ontologías Historicidad y Territorio en la Alta Amazonía Fase 1

  • Garcia Labrador, Julian (PI)
  • Ochoa Anadon, José Antonio (CoI)

Project Details


General objective Identification and comparison of the territorial ontologies that come into play in the dynamics of the state / native peoples Justification In the Amazon in general and in Ecuador in particular, processes of state, extractivist and/or border confinement territorialization intersect together with the territorial agency of the so-called original peoples. The crossing of these territorial processes motivates that, in many cases, conflicts arise in which a certain concept of territory ends up being imposed. In other cases, the native peoples (recognized as communes, communities, peoples or nationalities in Ecuador) are forced to submit requests for recognition or petitions for the adjudication of ancestral territory in the terms provided by law, which reflects a certain ontology Of the territory. The Siekopai are in this legal process, finding themselves in the position of adapting their territorial ontology to the assumptions provided by Ecuadorian law. The research project on the ontologies of the territory is justified by the need for clarification and the demand that the regulatory bodies progressively incorporate different ontologies of the territory.
Effective start/end date2/04/182/04/18


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