Modelo de Campus Energéticamente Sostenible Fase 1 Enercamp1

  • Perez Gosende, Pablo Alberto (PI)
  • Alvarado Davila, Juan Carlos (Student)
  • Bolaños Arroyo, Jorge Erminsul (Student)
  • Lavayen Leon, Carlos Andres (Student)
  • Novillo Davila, Willer Santiago (Student)
  • Velecela Sinche, Luis Fernando (Student)
  • Caamaño Gordillo, Luis Daniel (Col)

Project Details


General objective Develop a lighting audit and proposal for improvements in the interior lighting system of the Centennial Campus of the Salesian Polytechnic University. Justification The project is important for the university, since at present it is unknown if the current lighting levels in the facilities of the UPS headquarters in Guayaquil are in line with national and international standards in the area of ​​lighting, since no previous investigations have been carried out with this purpose. In addition, the project will reduce energy consumption for lighting in the institution and with the savings represented by the proposals for future improvements, the university infrastructure could be further strengthened, especially with regard to the construction of new laboratories, modernization of the literary collection available in the headquarters library, etc.
Effective start/end date30/05/1730/05/19


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