Modelamiento Óptimo e Implementación de Prototipos de Redes Ópticas de Acceso de Nueva Generación

  • Arevalo Bermeo, German Vicente (PI)
  • Cano, Ivan (CoI)
  • Gaudino, Roberto (CoI)
  • Abril Camacho, Daniel Alejandro (Student)
  • Briceño Alvarez, Jonathan Fabricio (Student)
  • Cachimuel Chiza, Benito Rumy (Student)
  • Flores Pulupa, Gladys Janneth (Student)
  • Lagos Jacome, Laura Evelyn (Student)
  • Rivadeneira Puetate, Lenin Santiago (Student)
  • Salcedo Sotelo, Cristhian Alexis (Student)
  • Villavicencio Tenelema, Marco Fernando (Student)
  • Arguero Tello, Johanna Berenice (Col)
  • Tipan Simbaña, Milton Napoleon (Col)
  • Gaudino, Roberto (CoI)
  • Cano, Ivan (CoI)

Project Details


General objective Model, optimize and implement prototypes of next-generation optical access networks. Justification The most promising solutions for the future to deliver ultra-broadband dedicated channels to the user are the UDWDM PON and DSP-Assisted PON networks, for which their study is of great interest. Currently there are no conclusive studies regarding the commercial viability of new generation PON networks, which is why research into low-cost implementation techniques for this type of network is of interest.
Effective start/end date28/02/1828/02/18


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