Mejoramiento de la Eficiencia Energética y la Estabilidad de Voltaje en Redes de Distribución Basado en Optimización de los Flujos de Potencia

  • Aguila Tellez, Alexander (PI)
  • Inachonta Monta, Johanna Marlene (Student)
  • Jacome Avila, Daniel Angel (Student)
  • Rojas Gomez, Jorge Andres (Student)
  • Trujillo Armijos, Jordy Alexander (Student)
  • Villa Endara, Victor Alfonso (Student)
  • Vinueza Carrillo, Mario Divaldo (Student)
  • Correa Zapata, Estuardo Josafat (Col)

Project Details


General objective Minimize reactive power flows in distribution networks through the optimal selection and location of reactive compensation devices through multi-criteria programming to increase energy efficiency in electric power transmission, improving voltage profiles and power factor. Justification The compensation of reactive power is of vital importance in Electrical Power Systems and especially in electrical distribution networks, since it allows, depending on its objectives, the regulation of the variables that maintain the safety, reliability and operation of these networks. with the required quality parameters. The most important variables that can be regulated with proper reactive power compensation are: voltage quality that can be improved, power factor can be increased and network losses can be effectively minimized, voltage threshold and current harmonic content protection. Keeping these variables within the desired parameters ensures a good operation of the distribution networks.
Effective start/end date2/01/172/01/17


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