Influencia de la Mampostería en el Comportamiento Sismo Resistente de una Edificación de Hormigón Armado de 4 Pisos Destinada al Uso de Vivienda

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General objective Evaluate the influence of the masonry on the earthquake-resistant behavior of a four-story reinforced concrete building intended for residential uses. Justification In Ecuador, 67% of the population lives in a seismic hazard zone according to the seismic zoning map. For this reason, the design of the building and subsequent construction is mainly oriented towards two situations: one is the protection and protection of human lives that make use of the structure, the other is to maintain the structure in serviceable conditions. However, despite the above, the structure is normally designed without considering in the model (simulation) the stiffness provided by the masonry, which obviously interacts and modifies the earthquake-resistant behavior of the building. Given this situation, it is necessary to encourage calculation engineers to model structures as realistic as possible and it is well known that masonry is part of it. For this reason, it is necessary to evaluate the influence of this non-structural element on the earthquake resistant behavior of the building.
Effective start/end date25/04/1925/04/20


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