Influencia de la Ingesta de Grasas como Suplemento Alimenticio sobre la Calidad Composicional de la Leche Bovina

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General objective To determine the influence of fat intake as a dietary supplement on the compositional quality of bovine milk. Justification The type of fat used in the bovine diet influences the assimilation of nutrients, production, the acceptability of the feed and the composition of the milk. Therefore, being clear that the consumption of by-pass fat is an alternative for a good diet and an adequate metabolic process in cattle (FACYT, 2015), it is essential to determine the adequate ration that allows obtaining an ideal fatty acid profile. in milk, also seeking to achieve maximum assimilation, with a maximum of resulting productivity and with a minimum risk of physiological and metabolic disorders of the animal (Vargas et al., 2018). On the other hand, obesity is a disease caused by multiple factors such as genetic, behavioral, environmental, food dynamics and physical inactivity. Consequently, improving basic consumption foods such as milk allows us to contribute to the consumption of a diet with high nutritional value, which can mitigate diseases such as obesity that generates a great impact on health and quality of life. from childhood and in the stages after it (Guachamín, 2017).
Effective start/end date8/03/198/03/19


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