Implementation of an Assistance System for the Disabled in Home Automation Using a Microsoft Kinect Nui Natural User Interface Sensor

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General objective Implement an application for interaction and control of devices in a room, by a disabled or temporarily physically limited person, through the use of a Natural User Interface of the Kinect sensor Justification As this technology is available, we want to implement it for the benefit of people with disabilities, trying to improve the quality of life in their own home. The implementation costs are not very expensive, as someone would imagine, when relating them to the comforts of modern and elegant houses with control technology and robotics applied to the home (Domotics). Nor is it intended to fill the home with technological gadgets, but rather, through the use of the Kinect sensor, the control software, and in a natural way the person executes some tasks without the need for movement and contact, commonly necessary for other people without physical difficulties. .
Effective start/end date1/01/141/01/14


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