Formulación de un Algoritmo Escalable y Eficiente para Bases de Datos Replicadas Utilizando Coherencia Causal Fase Ii

  • Tufiño Cardenas, Rodrigo Efrain (PI)
  • Arévalo Viñuales, Sergio (CoI)
  • Muñoz Fernandez, María Isabel (CoI)
  • Arévalo Viñuales, Sergio (CoI)
  • Muñoz Fernandez, Ma. Isabel (CoI)

Project Details


General objective Formulate a scalable and efficient algorithm for replicated databases using causal consistency Justification As shown in the background, the coherence and availability of geo-replicated systems is a very important problem and is a very active line of research in the world. It is necessary to develop new algorithms that allow solving the problem and that at the same time are scalable considering the problems raised in (Brewer, CAP twelve years later: How to Propose new algorithms to solve this problem would have an important implication in the design and implementation of systems would allow build highly available geo-replicated systems.
Effective start/end date2/04/182/04/18


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