Experiencias Integradoras en la Formación de Ingenieros

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General objective Develop integrating experiences that promote integration between the various subjects that the engineering student takes in the first levels of their training, as well as the integration of the four knowledges (being, doing, knowing and living together) Justification In the task of building a better future, universities must take on the challenge of training comprehensive professionals. The world's universities do not escape this situation, which is why we have taken on the challenge of proposing to our students activities that allow them a comprehensive education and that develop the four knowledges (Delors 1996, 1998) with the intention of achieving integration of knowledge through collaborative and interactive work (Londoño 2008, Alburguez 2011), in such a way that the members can assume a mutual commitment when solving problems (Durán and Vidal 2004). Taking into account this position and the demands of educational innovation (Alcudia 2006), it is necessary that humanistic elements that, in some way, have been minimized in the classroom, such as being and living together, since, in general, knowing is emphasized and doing is highlighted, but the dimensions associated with living together and being are rarely taken into account. Thus, it is required that in the training of the future engineer seek to develop a series of skills (scientific, humanistic and technological) that benefit the community for which he will work in the future. As Pujolás (2008) rightly puts it, educational spaces should not focus only on transmitting academic knowledge, it is necessary to talk about the different types of knowledge that constitute the pillars of life such as learning to know, learning to do, learning to coexist, learn to be. This with the intention of responding to the needs of the society in which we live and achieving the comprehensive training of engineers (Bolaños 2005). Integrative experiences include activities aimed at the integration of knowledge, which will allow students to achieve better academic performance while becoming more sensitive to social problems (Arias, 2016; Arias and Vega, 2016).
Effective start/end date25/04/1925/04/19


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