Evaluación Experimental de un Colectorevaporador de Placa Plana Basado en el Empleo de Energía Solar e Hidrocarburos Considerando Diferentes Ángulos de Inclinación

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General objective Experimentally evaluate a flat plate collector/evaporator based on the use of solar energy and hydrocarbons, considering different angles of inclination. Justification The optimization of refrigeration systems is linked to sustainable development, so it is necessary to use refrigerants with less environmental impact, such as hydrocarbons (HC). They developed a mathematical model to determine the operating parameters of a DX-SAHP, as well such as its range and energy consumption. Analyzing the state of the art, a study focused on the influence of the angle of inclination of the collector/evaporator on the performance of the system is not currently presented. Through this research it is intended to provide information on renewable energy applications, in this case, solar energy, as well as to present results of the behavior of an HC used in refrigeration applications in order to reduce the environmental impact.
Effective start/end date25/04/1925/04/19


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