Evaluación de Estrategias de Control Primario en Microredes Eléctricas

  • Perez Pineda, Ramon Enrique (PI)
  • Andrade Tello, Francisco Xavier (Student)
  • Saeteros Ortiz, Celida Morelva (Student)
  • Caiza Guanochanga, Gustavo Javier (Col)
  • Rojas Urbano, Javier Arturo (Col)

Project Details


General objective Evaluate primary control strategies in electrical microgrids that allow improving their operation in the event of disturbances Justification In recent years, the demand for energy worldwide has been increasing, which is why the current trend is towards the generation of distributed electricity, especially from renewable energy sources. This approach has led to a concept of autonomous and intelligent power grids known as microgrids.
Effective start/end date28/02/1828/02/18


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