Etnografía de Interfaces Sociales y Relaciones con la Naturaleza de la Población Indígena Ecuatoriana Siona a Partir de la Presencia de la Industria Petrolera en sus Territorios

  • Solorzano Granada, Maria Fernanda (PI)
  • Alarcon Vega, Jorge Luis (Student)
  • Correa Rojas, Segundo Novarino (Student)

Project Details


General objective Analyze the various relationships with nature of the Siona indigenous population based on the presence of oil companies in their territories to determine the social interfaces with other actors. Justification Finally, through this ethnographic research, which involves the participation of two students with their degree work, it will be a contribution to the Careers of Applied Anthropology and Management for Sustainable Local Development, in terms of the discussion of cultural issues. and ecological.
Effective start/end date2/01/172/01/17


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