Estudio de Factibilidad del Aprovechamiento de Agua Residual de la Industria Láctea y Residuos Orgánicos Biodegradables para la Obtención de Biogás en un Reactor con Camisa de Calentamiento

  • Borja Vela, Ximena Del Rocio (PI)
  • Fabara Peralvo, Tamara Abigail (Student)
  • Manobanda Toapanta, Evelyn Lizeth (Student)
  • Nuñez Oñate, Bryan Steven (Student)
  • Tipan Caizaluisa, Erika Elizabeth (Student)
  • Valdez Bedoya, Juan Andrés (Student)

Project Details


General objective Produce biogas from wastewater from the dairy industry mixed with biodegradable organic waste to optimize the management of industrial wastewater, biodegradable organic waste and obtain alternative energy
Effective start/end date9/03/199/03/19


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