Estudio de Descripción Botánica y Caracterización Pomológica del Paso Gustavia Macarensis Fase 1

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General objective Study the botanical characteristics, phytochemical and microbiological properties of the species Gustavia macarensis Justification Gustavia macarensis, a wild species native to the rural parish of San Carlos, canton "La Joya de los Sachas" located in the province of Orellana - Ecuador, also known as "el paso" for the communities of the sector, is a plant used by the population of the Ecuadorian Amazon due to its cultural, gastronomic, medicinal popularity and also in recent years of economic importance, since it has positioned itself in the markets of the region for the commercialization and consumption of its fruits since it is a wild edible plant . However, despite the fact that its consumption has increased, its use continues to be purely empirical, guided by the ancestral knowledge of the inhabitants of the area and its cultivation has not been technified, that is, it continues to be wild, since all the specimens of the species they are dispersed in the area since birds and mammals transport their seeds, while their propagation is sexual (Roman, 2012). Currently there is no validated and reliable source of information on its nutrients, properties, benefits and utilities; It is for this reason that the present work seeks to establish a botanical and phytochemical study that allows obtaining the first valid and reliable information of the species that includes a precise characterization of the plant, this in turn will establish a base parameter for future research and dissemination. of the species at a national and international level together with the dissemination of its morphological, botanical characteristics, geographical distribution, physiological and agronomic aspects as well as its phytochemical properties that support the nutritional and medicinal activity applied empirically by consumers today. In addition, it seeks to prioritize research on the plant genetic resources of plant species in the unexplored areas of the country, which has an extensive flora that positions it as a mega-diverse country of the Amazon jungle. For this reason, this study will generate information on Gustavia macarensis together with the Central Sachas Experimental Station belonging to INIAP.
Effective start/end date8/03/198/03/19


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