Efecto del Calentamiento del Suelo sobre la Capacidad de Sorción de Metales de las Sustancias Húmicas y Cambios en la Repelencia al Agua Simulando Incendios de Baja Mediana y Alta Intensidad

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General objective Study the physical and chemical modifications that occur in soils with different histories when simulating fires in response to a simulation of medium and high intensity fires. Justification For this reason, in this project it is proposed to collect soils from different areas of the city of Quito or its surroundings according to the history of burning that precedes them, and take sample blocks to the laboratory to be burned in a muffle or in an oven, keeping in mind the control of temperature at depths of 1, 3 and 5 cm, to determine alterations that can occur in the organic matter of the soil, especially, the modification of humic substances and their sorption capacity, in addition to the change in water repellency in the soil .
Effective start/end date1/07/151/07/16


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